New York and Washington DC
New York and Washington DC
  • Starting Address:

    New York, NY, United States

  • Destination Address:

    Washington, DC, United States

  • Starting Date:

    Jul 19, 2015 (Closed)

  • End Date:

    Jul 23, 2015

  • Budget:

    $2049 - $3010

  • Adults: 2
  • Kids (2-18Yr): 2
Hotel Description:
Hotel Details
● Destination (City, Landmark, etc.): New York
● From (mm/dd/yy): 07/19/2015
● To (mm/dd/yy): 07/21/2015
● Number of Rooms: 1
● Number of Adults & Kids: 4
● Additional Information:
Activities Description:
Sight Seeing, Tour, Theme park tickets etc.: Looking for sight seeing tour at NYC and National Mall tour at Washington DC
Travel AgentBidding AmountDate of BiddingRatingWinner
[email protected]$2,800.0013-Apr-2015 Not rated yet  
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